Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2

Sadie carving her group's pumpkin at our Fall Festival.

Fundraising - By now, you should have received information for our annual fundraiser.  This fundraiser is coordinated by the PTO, and is an excellent way to earn enough money for our Boston trip.  We need approximately $4,100 for a one day trip that includes bus, a walk on the Freedom Trail, admission to either the NE Aquarium, or the Boston Museum of Science, and a meal on the way home.  That means each student needs to raise $100 (profit) for that trip.  Many students would like to go on a two day trip to Boston.  That would include bus, a walk on the Freedom Trail, admission to the NE Aquarium, an overnight at the Boston Museum of Science, and lunch on the way home.  Students would have to pack a lunch and a dinner for the first day, but breakfast would be provided at the museum and we would stop for lunch on the way home.  That cost is $7100, or each student would need to raise about $175 (profit).

We have done the overnight trip in the past, and it is really fun.  We would love to do this trip, but we need each family to either make a donation or help fund raise for the trip.  We will see how well we do on this fundraiser.  We'd like to raise at least 1/2 the amount for the overnight, if we are considering that option.

Here is a link to the PTO's website.

Thank - you for your help with this matter.

Student Led Conferences

On Thursday, November 10th we will be having the Fall round of Student-Led Conferences for all CBMS students.  These conferences put your child, your learner at the center stage of learning.

The focus of these conferences is on growth and how your child can best grow his or her learning with the wide variety of supports that you provide through the home-front and we provide through the school-front.  The conferences are an assessment experience for your child that allows him or her to demonstrate skills such as communication and self-direction, as well as a learning experience in and of itself.  The conference will give you as parents / guardians a good look at the place where the rubber of Proficiency-Based Learning meets the road - namely in the work your child is undertaking at school day in and day out.

Our goal is to have 100% of our students lead a conference.  We realize that it is a bit unrealistic for 100% of our families to be able to be there the afternoon/evening of the 10th, so we will schedule conferences with AG Leaders or another trusted staff member for those students who cannot conference on the 10th.   Also please note that our teachers are always available to meet at any time with parents outside of conference time- simply contact teachers directly to schedule a time.  

As always, thank you for your support of your child, our school, and our community!

We are going to begin making props for our drama unit. If you have any cardboard around the house, please send it in! We could especially use large cardboard - as we need to make a tollbooth, and a car.

The Tempest
Some students on our team are working on understanding the themes of the Tempest, and are acting in select scenes from this play. U-32 is putting on 4 performances of this play this weekend (my daughters are in the performance :). Performances run: Friday at 7:00, Saturday at 2:00 and 7:00, and Sunday at 2:00. If you are looking for something to do, and are feeling like a bit of Shakespeare, come and check it out!

Shyannah offering kale chips to Quest during the talent show.  Students made kale chips and butternut squash muffins in the upstairs kitchen.  The kale and the squash came from the Quest gardens.  Treats were enjoyed by all.

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