Friday, May 13, 2016

May 12

Hello Quest Families!
Quest Students Competing in the Quest Olympics (Marathon)

SBAC testing
We will be conducting SBAC testing next week.  Students will be testing from 8:45-10:45 Monday through Thursday.  Students will also have a short test on Monday from 12:30 - 1:00.  Please help your student to get enough sleep and have enough to eat so they are physically prepared for the tests.  Students are recommended to bring in earbuds / earphones for the listening part of the testing.  Students will be tested in English Language Arts on Monday and Tuesday, and for Math on Wednesday and Thursday.

Reservoir Field Trip
We will be taking a trip to the Waterbury Reservoir on Friday, June 3rd from 9:45-2:00.  This is during the regularly scheduled Step Up Day.  As we will stay with our same students for next year, we will instead celebrate our year together and go over what will look different for next year.  Prior to this we will have our end of the year talent show!  Students received a hard copy of the permission slip today.  Here is the link to the permission slip.

Reading Blog
We are in the process of creating a reading blog for Quest students.  Students recommend books on this blog, and can also look to it for recommendations.  We are using Blogger for this.  Encourage your student to check out the Questreads blog if they are stuck on what to read next!

We are wrapping up the year with debatable issues.  Students are reading and writing about subjects such as best season to visit Vermont, should killer whales be allowed to perform in shows, should plastic bags be banned? and several other topics.

We are in the middle of our unit on place value and decimal numbers.  Student have been learning how compare, add, and subtract decimal numbers.  We have started to explore multiplicative relationships between place values and after SBAC testing we will explore multiplication and division with decimal numbers.  Our final unit of the year will be looking at growth patterns and writing expressions.

Book Orders
Book order forms are available in our classrooms and are due Wednesday, May 18th.  This will be the last book order of this school year.