Friday, September 9, 2016



iBlock Defined: The "i" in iBlock stands for "individual".  iBlock is a 30-minute block that happens each day, and is focused on the specific needs of individual students as determined by a combination of local assessments, teacher observation and opinion, and student voice. Each iBlock session will last 6 weeks.  During iBlock, we aim to bring in additional school-wide staff members to partner with core staff and keep iBlock groups small and focused. The goal of iBlock is simply to put a daily focus on the needs of individual students in order to bring timely improvement to those specific areas.  Examples of areas of focus for this block can include, but are not limited to:
  • math reasoning and strategies,
  • reading comprehension and fluency,
  • geography and spelling skills,
  • technology skills such as keyboarding and website design,
  • individual areas of focus such as foreign language acquisition
  • organizational and social skills.

iBlock Session 1 is starting on Monday, September 12th and will last until Friday, October 21st.  Students were placed in iBlocks to best meet their individual needs.  There will be 6 sessions throughout the school year.  If your student has needs outside of their assigned Session 1 group, we will do our best to try and meet those needs during a different session.

All students will receive their Session 1 placements Monday morning.

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