Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th, 2015

Hello Quest Families!
It has been a busy month here on the Quest Team!

Our field trip to the Duxbury Window

Thank you to all chaperones who went on the field trip to the Duxbury Window.  There was a lot of energy that day!  We are grateful for your support.
Students finished their work for the documentary 5672, The Story of our Land.  It is a documentary of the history and geology of the land, as well as the history of the school and teams.  Students participated from the brainstorming of questions, to interviews, to video editing.  A link to this documentary can be found here.
We are in the middle of a short geologic time line project, and will be starting our study of Early Humans next week.

In LA, we are finishing our interpretation book groups.  Students have made good progress reading books in book groups, looking at character traits, and how those lead to motivation, which can lead to understanding the theme of a book.  Students are also writing their own narratives.  We have been focusing on the "heart of the story," or the theme, in both their reading and writing.  We are looking deeply into texts, and are writing deeply about what we read.

Next week we will begin our non-fiction unit.

In Math, we have been busy exploring 3-dimensional geometry by finding the volume of rectangular prisms, including trucks, hallways, classrooms, and pools.  Students are currently engineering shipping containers for products and finding ways to save companies money on these containers.

The Flynn Theater Field trip

 The Quest team will be going to the Flynn Theater to see The Lightning Thief on December 1st.  Click here for a permission slip with more information.  We will need each student to contribute $14.00 for the cost of the trip.

PTO Fundraisers

We have recently sent out a fundraising letter.  Please ask your student for this, and help to contribute in any way you can.  We will be saving up for our Boston trip in the spring of 2017.  We would also like to take some trips before then, and this will help!!

Student Led Conferences

Keep your eye on the Cougar Notes for more information regarding these conferences!  The conferences will be student led.

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